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One Direction’s Liam Payne takes on future house; remixes Cheryl’s ‘I Don’t Care’


Few were aware that One Direction’s Liam Payne had turned to music production as a new hobby, finding an additional route to stardom under the moniker, Payno. However, his latest remix of Cheryl’s “I Don’t Care” is making a statement across the electronic music community as he tips his hat to future house tastemakers Tchami and Oliver Heldens. Though it is undeniable that Payno’s offering resides outside of his comfort zone, his exploration of different sounds and styles has heightened his credibility as a producer in a matter of days. A svelte mixture of percussive grooves, gritty synth structure and minimal drops, Liam’s interpretation of “I Don’t Care” stands strong against his newest rivals.



The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence. —Charles Bukowski  (via repent)


One Direction - Steal My Girl (4 days to go)


Auckland 10.13.12

zayn being a jealous boyfriend after seeing Liam’s tweets about Niall
what do you mean this didn’t happen??????


Friend: This guy is hot

Me *compares him to zayn* : Nah 


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Liam Payne Alphabet; Dress sense



#this is it. this is zayn’s superhero narrative. #punk kid scientist who reads mysteries on his downtime hears of some mystical alchemical miracle treasure buried #deep deep in the desert where not even fucking carrion go #it’s a treasure that only the gods’ chosen are able to find and legend has it that they are never seen again #that once they find it either the sun fries them on the desert floor leaving nothing but a trail of calcified bones and dust #or that the gods take them into the heavens where they live forever; blessed and beautiful for eternity #he goes and he finds the treasure - gold dappled by sunlight so bright it blinds him but still he crawls in the sand and dips his fingers inside it and it is the most ecstatic feeling #for a second he knows what icarus knew as the sun soldered his skin and withered the wings off his back #for a second he knows infinte victory and glory and beauty wrapped in stars and sublime terror #and he’s never seen again.

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